A Tale of Two Coffee Shops
What makes people choose one coffee shop over another when both offer the exact same coffee for the same price? And what makes them come back, again and again? Here’s a short video explaining why putting people at the heart of the experience, embracing co-creation, and taking a holistic approach is what Service Design is all about.


The Finnair digital customer experience vision helps the airline navigate through the complexities of the aviation business with business in mind and with the traveller at heart. They delivered an award winning digital customer experience vision through close collaboration with Fjord and Finnair. On a high level the vision was to provide Finnair’s customers with the best digital travel experience, or more eloquently put, to build peace of mind for air travellers. It became their objective and destination. They then put together a roadmap and a digital service blueprint to help get them there.


SNOOK—Future Housing Services
Snook worked with Wheatley Group who provides homes and services to over 200,000 people in 17 local authority areas across Central Scotland. They’re committed to supporting people and helping communities to thrive. With an increasing population, diverse both geographically and demographically, planning for the future is crucial to prepare services for the changing needs of customers. Through a fast-paced 8-week research sprint, they set off to explore what current and future customers need from social housing, now and in the future.


MACMILLAN Cancer Support Scotland
From the initial fear in diagnosis to the hope that treatment gives. From the sometimes brutal reality that treatments impart upon the individual and their life transforming after effects to the provision of end of life care, the voices of experience convey the reality of cancer. That’s why they should be listened to and embedded within any services created. Patient. Carer. Survivor. Mother. Father. Sibling. Scientist. Nurse. Engineer. Whatever. The voices of the Cancer Experience Panel (CEP) pretty much cover them all and every experience in between.